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Emerging into the world, eyes wide open

It’s been quite an exciting summer this year. The majority of the last year was spent nestled in the dark of my old Lakeland house crafting and chiselling the hums and sounds out of my brain into real-life motion songs but I’ve finally made it out of my nuclear sound bunker and onto the stage. As an emerging solo artist it’s hard to bring your songs to life, both in sonic and physical form, and especially hard without the financial backing of a label. Luckily I found a band of great people who can play my songs amazingly well live, thank you Woody, Martin and Tom.

I played my first gig at a Psyche Festival called MIFFF’d at the Peer Hat in Manchester on 20th July 2019. There were quite a few bands on, Aldous RH, Joe Levi, Erika Sance, Yossarians, Chelsea Hare, The Jungfraus and a few more. The great cosmic force that is Nick Alexander played with his new band Satan Mansons. They had fierce energy and I felt a renewed sense of that punk DIY Manc spirit that I spent most of my early 20’s immersed in. Thank you The Peer Hat for welcoming me into your weird world of mayhem and beauty.

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