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Kendal Calling '19

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

The dust in the barn was starting to get to my voice a little so we had a few rehearsals in the Music Dept. at Kendal College in preparation for my second gig which, amazingly, was at Kendal Calling on the Yam Riot Stage. I was pretty nervous but it was great and the tent was full of rainbows and men in gold glittery leggings which helped. BBC Introducing recorded my set and played Winter Circle live at Kendal Calling on their Kendal Calling Special Show on BBC Radio Cumbria which was broadcasted this week. You can listen to it here.

Oh, and an interview with me – I think it was ok? I mean, does anyone like listening to themselves speak? I couldn’t bear to do so – so you can tell me if it was any good or not! Tom Salmon, presenter of the BBC introducing Show on Radio Cumbria has been amazing. He has played all of my songs on his show and has been a great support. It was nice to see him there snapping away on his camera, Thank you Tom, I am very grateful. The rain was biblical but people still seemed happy enough knee deep in the mud fist pumping to Gerry Cinnamon. I had to go home and I missed Slow Thai and The Manics, which made me a bit sad but still happy because I was able to put on my pyjamas and drink tea and not be knee deep in mud fist pumping to The Courteeners. Win win really. Krankenhaus Festival Next…

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